Remember those funny looking squares with all those dots? Well, they're back!

They are called QR Codes and when coupled with some very powerful cloud based software QR Codes are able to access a raft of data, information and specialised feed back. Real FM uses QR Codes to simplify and speed up building management taking the heartache and frustration out of managing equipment, suppliers, contractors and complaints.

Hardly a day goes past when a Strata Committee doesn’t have complaints about the way their building is managed and monitored by contractors, be it maintenance, parking, rubbish, or cleaning. And they want YOU to monitor them, impossible!

Help is at hand!

We at Real FM have developed a full range of Building Management Service Choices that will suit every building no matter how large or how small, near or remote. We can now offer building management from as little as $2,500.00* per year!

We can do this through our unique cloud based system using QR Codes to report issues and incidents, and maintain and service plant and equipment. Real FM also provides additional services such as monitored Cleaning, Gardening and Security.

To see how Real FM can take the stress out of Building Management please scan the following QR Code (get your free QR Reader from your App Store):